Monday, February 20, 2012

MUET Speaking Test in March 2012 session 2

*This post is specially written for Terry who never,don't know, no need take for the MUET Test!!!!!!



800/2SPEAKING20 FEBRUARY 201211:00 am30 minutes
800/3READING3 MARCH 20128:00 am - 9:30 am90 minutes
800/4WRITING3 MARCH 201210:00 am - 11:30 am90 minutes
800/1LISTENING3 MARCH 201212:00 noon - 12:30 pm30 minutes

AHhhhhhh.....Please allowed me to write a word in Hokkien “gia "~~~~

I am not the one who keep reading the sample Q&A although I'm scared. Somehow Luckily I din't choose to skip the drum lesson because of it. It's fun. Haha. Only wait for the last minute then I start asking people what they study. There is a problem happened to one of my members. To show my respect I don't tell you all her She forgot to bring her IC and Muet Slip. I can't imagine if she din't ask her sister bring over the things, how we gonna take the test. As we are in session 2 first group, we still got time to chit-chatting, do some revisions. Also we have time to share the happiness with the groups in session 1. We are given direction to enter the waiting room. Ding Ding Ding......Ready to start..

The above expression was how I feel before I enter the Testing Room.

"Are you Ok? Candidate A?" I wonder why the examiner asking me the Question twice. Am i looked that nervous??haha anywhere Now it's all over. Nothing you can do to change the result. I have no idea whether I gonna sit for the July paper actually. Everything It's depending on your over round performance. Thanks for my Group members Angelina, Harisah, Joeen. I think our teamwork is quite good enough. Sorry Angelina we have to sacrifice you to be the opponent. There is also some technical problem with the watch timer. Yucks so we din't know whether our Task B reaching 10mins. Fuyor~~~finish.

What to do next is to concentrate on listening, reading and writing.

Well GoodLuck for tomorrow candidates,especially to my Muet classmates,everyone of U in Class Cengal....also my best sister.Remember to pray to Him.GBU Gei Li Gei li!!!


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