Saturday, June 27, 2015

Aiesec Global Citizen Program - I'm going!!!

Finally we did it!!! as what Tiffany said really frustrated sometimes. It's been a long run for us during the period of finding projects. The virtual problems that we cant talk to each other face to face, she doesn't really know what exactly i was worrying about. Sometimes i also din't know how to express myself. I was worrying a bit too much and i almost give up. Thank you Tiffany that she is the one who gave me support in the journey and also encourage me to continue fight for this. I really disappointed as the only thing you can do is just wait and wait. We din't know whats wrong with the system over there. But we only can have faith in it. Thank you Lord that the prayer is worked.

Also thank you to Yansie sorry that i always mafan you. She helped me alot by comforting me when i was emo. She help up with my self introduction video and always listened to my complaint. Congratulation to Yansie too as she also got the project in Taiwan, Taipei. We are happy that we can fly over to Taiwan in this sem break . Soon we will have more and more stories to share when we come back! 

123, stepping out of comfort zone! 
Bye Malaysia! =)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Safe and Sound


我說上次是農夫,這一次回家我是小小裁縫師哈哈。用了自己不能穿的衣服為姐姐們做了幾個hairband。然後媽媽看到後直接說你怎麼把褲子綁在頭上 呵呵笑死我。最近通過電話聽了幾把熟悉的聲音,大家還是一樣嗎?



Sunday, June 7, 2015

Study Week哪裡去了


像錢一樣把Study Week亂花,就用完了。
讓我有時間再來更新啦!記錄自己怎麼了 哈哈。


Saturday, June 6, 2015


問了Why 爸爸,是今天嗎?
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