Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm driving too❤

 Finally i also got my P license soon……
Learning car was really a tough work for me as i'm having difficulty in changing the gear..
in the morning ,uncle was late 1 hour to fetch me as he told me
then i just said to my mummy,
"mi,if uncle din't come and fetch me , 
i think no need go already la, is uncle 's fault what?!"
however i still need to face it on my own, without anyone helps except HIM
The steps was too heavy for me to walk out from my house……
i scared myself will see uncle again after the test
Oh no, can't stop myself keep laughing laughing until nonstop

14th was my lucky number on that day
everyone was lining up follow the numbers to wait for register
all the group B members were waiting at the bahagian B
Parking first follow by jalan raya 
wiut……that was a great news for me as i had passed the parking 
i "am cio" a little bit along the way after signed
seemed everyone was looking at me^^ haha

while for the second part,
sitting there i heard my heart "pip pop ."pip pop"
i am very nervous to look at the others being fetched back 
"am i be the one?"
i went toilet again and again……
the girl sat beside me also doing the same action with me
haha……we both started sharing our story....
we also drove the same car and the same pegawai
it  was lunch time, and i didn't feel any hungry for the first time
also,it was the time for convent student balik rumah
scared  there was a traffic jam along the way
unexpectedly, i was offered  nearly get into the car with a fierce pegawai inside
fortunately, my form was not there
after xin ying reached here,then i quickly get in....haha
this was as normal when i get in
then i started to drive and try to change the gear without uncle's instruction
soon,i seemed can get used with the car and  suddenly i heard someone snoring beside me
haha……that was great^^ i could drive the car without stressed 
A bit weird was he also reassurance to let me bring him……haha
after reached the destination,
i said "en……sudah sampai" now he just realized 
again i asked him how was my result?
he said "arr....lulus la" so happy for myself ……

i had really passed the test,even my uncle also seemed a little doubt with me^^
anywhere facts was a stubborn things……
the immediate action was i made a call for my mum..
it was worth for me as i waiting there for within 2 hours , 
the reason was like that:
the uncle finally came back ,while need to wait for his son
the son finally came back, again need to wait for his father.
by then i reached at about 5.00pm
erm.....i had passed it ....haha

thank you uncle and
goodbye uncle
thank you for not seeing you again……haha

Thanks God for listening to my pray
as I felt very nervous and worry at that moment 
i choose to pray, pray, pray and pray
it proved that God is still loves me……

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