Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana

16.8.12  Thursday

Wow what a nice day, nice mood ,nice weather.....

#welcome to Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana

This is the first day of our holidays, so my sisters and friends had decided  to go for mountain climbing. Well it's just a small mountains at Bukit Perdana. Good good,my sister bring my brothers and I along...haha.

Don't mention what silly thing I did in the previous night....SKIP TO THE POINT.

We wake up early just like our daily action,after having a quick and simple preparation.Yup, we set out.

I still remember the way to the mountain as I just had my expedition from my school to the mountain last month. This was my forth times to come here..

Ahhha....we were the first who reached there. We thought that we will late actually. The other two sisters both lost their ways.hahaha...can't blame them because they have never come here since long long time ago.

#sister and friends

#With 3 sisters 

#OMG...Thats not bird's dropping lei!!!Hng

#Flowers 3 Again... they wore the same color of shirts,haha moqimoqi.

I think within 1 hour we all ady finished the climbing. It's a good experience.
Our next moutain will be Minyak Beku!

Besides,The Expandables 2 is a must watch movie..!!

That's all for today :]


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