Friday, June 4, 2010

Exam is Over~~


i had finished my mid year exam since 12.00pm^^
that was a great moment after
sitting at the same sit,
having the same posture,
using the same pen,
for totally 3 weeks……
haiz,that was just mid year exam,girl
how am i going to face my real SPM  for a month??
haha,i will try my best and also trying to adapt it^^

these were my mum's carnation ...

see who was that sampat gal??

Any programs for my mid year holidays??
attending the kurlia on Sunday(6/6/10, from 9.00-12.30)
that is great ,i'm going to get my L lisen ..(need to hands in 2 picture)

well, of course having a date with my Pn Goh (the most hardworking teacher in my school)
in the air-conditioner Seminar on this coming Monday(7/6/10, at 8.ooam)...

Next ,going to have a gathering with my girl girl and boy boy^^
haha=D they all must miss me the most……xixi
venue:mo li (near bus station)
time:1.00 pm
*for all 22nd or23rd BP reporters only*
i can't drink cold drinks recently……sad=(

erm....maybe will go gai gai with family
for the places,not decided yet^^
however ,still need to left some days to finish my homeworks= ="
-10 sets of mm(p1+p2)
-Sejarah essay
-BI literature
-Add Math Project(going Choon Jie 's house tomorrow)
-chemistry for paper 2
-Bio for 3 sets of paper

thats all i think....
these are my present received from my teachers
also,need to return it with full answers at all
headache ar……



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