Monday, January 3, 2011

First 3D movie

this was the day we enjoyed our 3D movie at MBO square one.
RM16 for adult, RM11 for child
[Gulliver's Travels] -this was the movie we chose
《格列佛游记 Gulliver

we bought a set included a pack of popcorns and a cup of pepsi
don't know why everyone looked very hungry
they finished all the drinks and popcorns before enter the cinema==
here i come

after waiting for several minutes
finally we enter the room7
As i know ,not many people watching the movie with us..
we got our 3D spectacle before entered
maybe i got the large size of spec
that was very susah for me to hang the spec on my bridge of nose==
i need to hold the spec to watch the movie...

actually 3D is quite interesting only for the advertisements....haha
maybe the show don't have any action part so nothing special...

the story was simple and i could still understand it without the  translate..

this is the summary of the story :
Gulliver is a Post Office clerk, not very young, but the cause of love,nothing. A strange combination of circumstances the task , took him to Bermuda, not the sea, the storm that is encountered. After the calm, Gulliver finds himself on the map does not come to a mysterious island Lilliput, inhabited by hundreds of "bad people", they "nail"Gulliver in the beach. But with the development of the story, Gulliver captured from the beginning, become a hero here - the villain of the experience made him understand the power of the human heart had nothing to do outside.

if you have not try the 3D spec before
have a try too......^^
waiting for the next movie……hehe.


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