Monday, April 20, 2015

Campuslife the builders!

YA! We are finally completed our mission! Its hooray and happy!

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience that i never had before. Actually i thought that we are going to build the whole house. However and luckily we were not. Every Volunteer group will come to the habitat for humanity center to get the mission and follow what the instructions that given by them. They were so kind and friendly. They are Thomas and Mickeley. We were seperated in to two groups. one would do the painting while the other team would do the construction part. As i want to challenged my strength and i do not think that my sensitive nose can tahan with the paint smell. So i choose to give hands to the constructions department. The construction part was under Mickeley. We got the job from him. There were three parts to complete. There were floor, room and window. My team was making the cement of the window. For the first day we mixed the ingredients that follow the recipes. haha the secret recipe from the Sifu. So excited that we managed to make the cement by our own. For the first Time! yiiiii=) Something excited to say that i was the leader for the first day only haha. After we thought we have done our part  for the first day, abruptly a man who is the board of director of the habitat for humanity came and comment on our products. Looked at the window he said, tomorrow when i using my fingers to pull sure will ruin everything. Later he add on and said our ingredients was wrong we cannot mix it with stones. Ok! That was enough for today i said and we have to redo everything. That was really depressed when the word REDO came to our mind. OK well alright never mind.

When we reached in homestay the we went to the river which was 15 mins far away from the home stay. It's so enjoyed when you laying down in the river and somehow you will get flush away by the river. The life is so peaceful as you look at the sky, the forest and do not ever think about those stupid things. yeah thank you for you wonderful creation! the thing that i cant forget one was that there was no water supply while i was bathing. Seriously super scary when the bees fly in and kacau you! Oh no nightmare! After the super yummy dinner then we will have our games session prepared by KaiChen and YongSun also continue with the game by Melissa and Ethan. Somehow it was fun as you throw yourself into the games haha. I love to play running game. Remember the time when we played at the pacific haha super and unforgettable stupid experience. Ok and this was the end for the first day and i was preparing my game for the next day. 

Thats me with a big smile on face. can you see me?
It was a new morning and thank God i was still managed to wake up on time.All effort had to thank to my roomates! we got back to the same place to continue our mission. This time we all would be more careful while doing our work. I want to say the reason why i want to choose the window site because i thought i was easier so we could done earlier and get to help the other. But end up with no. We followed the new recipe from the board of director and sifu. Then we all very quickly to put cement at the window site. Thank you to our new leader on the second day. He is a gentleman and keep reminding us to drink water. Yeah the river is my motive to keep moving on under the hot sun. But this time i'm clever already i wore a cap and mask to avoid myself from expose under the super hot sun! Its happy to play in the river after so much tired hard work!=)

I was glad that i joined this programme. I straightaway say i want to go when i heard about this project. It is a opportunity given to us to bring love to the community. Well done guys! This programme really help to make campuslifers closer.  Thank you for the house owner for preparing us those delicious meal. Every hard work is all worth when you see the kids and her face smiling to you. Thank you Lord for using us to show love to the needy. We use our own hands to help them to build the habitat. We done all this things not by our own strength but is Him. He gives strength and power to us for doing all these things. With Him everything is possible. Thank you Lord.

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