Wednesday, October 5, 2011

God Loves Even ME ❤

I want to thank you, God.

When i am sick,
knowing You love me helps me to feel better.
I am willing to seek for you to come and take care of me.

When I am sad and lonely,
knowing You love me helps me to smile.
I smile as I know You are still love me.

When I facing problems and troubles,
knowing You are the one and only one to comfort me.
Yes, this is the way how You love me.

Knowing You love me makes me want to fly like a bird.

God, You are always good...but I'm not.
Sometimes I do bad things.
I am stubborn.
Even I know it is against You.

Thank You for patiently loving me.
And Lord please help me to patiently love too.

"For high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is His loving kindness toward those who revere Him."
(Psalm 103:11)

Just like a kind father, You always love me.
Imagine You put Your hands on top of my head
to give me advice.

Lord, You know it is hard for me to be good.
I am selfish.
I cannot be good to everyone just like You.

...But You love me even as I try.

Lord, Your kingdom rules over all.
And everyone everywhere should thank you for Your love.

Maybe they do not know You.
So let me share them Your amazing grace and spread out Your name .
I am sure one day they will believe in You.

...I want to thank you God, for Your love.

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