Sunday, July 24, 2011

Badminton Section

It's been about 2 months i never touch sports.
do not ask me why since the badminton and basketball are so close to me...><"
haha,everything is all about lazy lazy lazy...

nicely Ah Yang jio some schoolmates to play badminton yesterday.
As i already promised them a week before, so i keep promise to join them after tuition.
after discuss with my personal secretory ,i arranged my timetable and bring my brother and Zi Yang along.
erm.....that's the perfect arrangement actually.

the last time my badminton section was with Wen Kai them...
Because of me cannot went out that time so they decided to come Senggarang to 'qian jiu wo"
I really miss that moment ...a lot of HAHAHA in the court.
skip that part la!! 

back to here...
from SS to game point ,finally we went to Hup Lee.
may i ask, why everyone so late a?
luckily we reached first and got a nice nice parking place.
Again I enjoyed the badminton with them
HAHAHAHAHAHA i expressed

Ei Mr please correct that i'm just Daerah not Johor hor!!
 and that also during my primary lo= =

wuhoo....really what a fun saturday!!
my next sport : swimming=}


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