Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Daily Bread

not kaitan de picture@@

I like to read "Our Daily Bread" recently.
I found that i received much from reading the book.
woohoo, i like the story that link to the bible which make me more interested to continue to read it^^
follow the date,to find out more and more about God's Love.
As for me, I just read it on for 2-3 articles until i fall a sleep.
Well,Remember have your pray before sleep

I had done my preparation for my"little angel & little master" for this year.
Hope everything is going to be fine....
also hope that everyone is more look forward to and more active^^
A new beginning

Anyone can tell me, How to earn nuffnang in shortcut?hahahahah = =
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For most English-speaking people the acronym ASAP means"as soon as possible"or immediately. 
But for Christian it means Always say a prayer.....


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Princess Je t'aime said...

I love Daily Bread, too!

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