Sunday, May 15, 2011

first week in form 6

[DELETED] Someone said the picture was ugly so i changed it ><"

yes, I am here a form 6 student
it is OK to have any act cute or childish reaction sometimes
from the first daftar day,the weather was hot...
not only hot is too hot. no one can stand the sweat in body
especially Joo Chew i think,haha.
He had sweat around his head ....yeeeee basah the handkerchief > <"

for the first we received the timetable for the orientation.
Ooo...all ceramah. That made me feel like sleeping.
sien..all the days sit here and there to avoid teacher,haha.
some more no appetite these few days..
Hate that .Instead we all chatted around from start to home.
i chose to change to arts stream and thats need to fill up the form first
to change we need to wait at least 1 month = =
i had to chose among biology and physics.
i chose biology because less math formulae@@
also i saw that all the arts stream were boys.
i want to change yet i had decided.

before the f6 lesson start
now turn to the 5th day-ice breaking
that was the day and only i din't feel tired,haha
because no ceramah what!
we need to wear our own secondary sport shirt.
i admit i match green since primary to secondary i still in warna hijau,haha.
please don't say to me the colour same with the rubbish car!!
we entered the Cendana class before we had our ice breaking
the class is small .is it enough for 44 persons? since i am slim but Wai Keat??

now it was the time for thick ices to break
just 2 activities .
For the first we need to answer by asking others Q and write down their names and schools.
That was fun and i get to know who bring RM50 on that day also.
remember can't repeat the same person and your friends who same school with you.
Next,i don't understand how to play at all.
in a complicated situation our group danced the chicken dance,haha.
the game of "Pisang Goreng" was quite fun also if not to "hiam"still ok lah =]

after resting,we reenter the class.
Mr Tay is our form and Math T teacher
He spoke very slow and made me look at the watch every second .lol
He even repeated the same thing like that.
Everyone look serious in the class....~~the pure bio class
Wow...Yi Ning was selected to be the assistant monitor in her class^^
we hired Kai En as our driver from this week.

it is great to hear the good news
for sure i only know you like cat
Well it's OK as i don't even have the chance to show you my house's "HELLO KITTY"
and i'm glad to know you

OH no!!!!something missing again.....
i lost my Daniel's video =[
foe this new school i am not really yet,so do you?
all friends are selfish .no one will really care about you.
Be strong. Not to try to depend on others.tq.
tomorrow will be our first ponteng
just like the past we celebrate teachers'day our own at HOME.
That's more sweet really^^

Lord please by my side


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