Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just the biscuits =]

Thanks for the 2 packets of biscuits you gave me, that's really cheer me up:)
really the day before tomorrow I felt a little bit down just because of the embarrassing moment.

Erm..... Does it really show that I'm weak in hiding my emotion in front people? I always think that I'm expert in this aspect. I don't wanna let people knows my feeling whether I'm happy, unhappy , over excited or even hatred somebody.

This is the first time I'm too appreciate and happy that got people knowing my sad feeling. Otherwise I keep asking myself to let it go, don't get it spoil my day. I say never mind to myself and scared others know my disappointed. Yes I admit I envy you and I lie to you. That's my way to make myself feel better and also as a comfort. I scared you laughed at me that even as I told but I din't get any.

I smile just because of myself accidentally showing  my weakness.haha.


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