Thursday, April 5, 2012

SORRY to say....=[

I failed to handle the activity. I am Yuck.
No more explain for that. it's all my fault.
I din't mean to blame anyone from the beginning.

Sorry for that i din communicate well with the speakers.
i don't know why the the previous undergo so successful , mine so fed up?
AGAIN i am Yuck..
first i met with an obstacle which blocked me!
then the next is one of the speakers don't know where the place is.
they thought is at the public hall.
I admit that is my fault.
Actually I'm so curious about why they don't know the place. Because it changed for very few times already.
everything happened too rush i thought everything will go very smoothly.
please don't imagine too perfect.
i din't contribute any to this club,
but today I messed up the activity ,everything including my emotional . Even break new record.

I don't know why how come got such people refuse to join it then simply CRITIC it as an useless activity??
and even complaint to other teacher??
what is your purpose? Are you happy with that? 
I am really F*** You ah!! why you can't show any respect towards teacher and friends?
If today you exchange characters and becomes a teacher, how do you feel? EXCITED? ANGRY? OR SAD?
I don't know maybe you are hardhearted.
it's just an small and simple activity,no need to burst and promote it.
As you said your duty is more important i say don't so troublesome la!
if i'm still in charge won't be your turn anymore.
Actually i don't bother anything that's because today you show your dissatisfaction which related to me.
That's why i full with fiery temper.
Please la! i'm totally very mind. No sorry lo!

What i'm gonna say,a lot of sorry i wanna say.
i'm very sad to hear what president said. it's the reason make me cant tahan.
It's my second times out of control at school. No more third please.
for sure, i'm a lousy organizer.



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