Monday, December 12, 2011

Does a title really matters??

Ahha....Just wanna write about what I'm doing recently.So no specific title for it...

Please Please stop the time on your watch,I don't want school reopen without any sense...={hate it
Don't know why i am becoming lazier which cause me got less post during this holidays= =
wuhoo~~suddenly close tabs. TG blogspot saved it.
hope this will be a longer post,#$#%$^%$^#$^%$ hehe!!

Well that's my turn to watch na xie nian.....I am not too eager to watch it actually
since it on MBO,why not I go and grab the ticket!!
Is a nice ,funny+ so a story which close to teenagers...
really got some disappointed because not every plots show in the movie.
Angeline Pui,watch Once enough already ,no need watch again la!\--/

see,have a look here...this is my new look!!
with my sunglasses  from Jamie
erm,No comment har~~~

During this bored holidays,of course somebody said wanna jio me for badminton....
then now almost Christmas eve already,still din't appear......Hxxx,u know who i mean lo,haha
I watched a very freaking nice badminton competition yesterday near Senggarang....
All the players so deng ka, powerful,even pondan !!!

what to write ah??since yesterday got a lots inspiration in my mind,haha...
ya, I dream something weird yesterday night!!
somehow, it was so sweet but realize

This is a magic toy gift from neighbor who just travel back from china.
She said this is a magic egg,u make a hole above then water it....a sunflower will grow.
Anywhere,after a few weeks, my brother and I decided to tell Auntie that she had been cheated = ="

This time i set large not X large for my pictures,so how was it??

I don't want a dull life and wasting my time.
Holidays..ya i will get you back!!


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