Saturday, December 13, 2014

Finding Ana Christmas Musical is ON!

Don't miss out for the rest two days of the Finding Ana Christmas Musical presented by Skyline! It's was really super awesome and you will be amazed by the actors and the story line also the tentative flow. I hope that you all enjoyed the show especially the friends that i had invited. This was my first time i invited so many friends to go to a church's event and i do really hope that God will do his own part by touching their hearts. Slowly maybe. We will never know God's timing for any good plans he has done for us. Yeah, what a wonderful night. How I wish i were there on the stage to perform and the most important thing is to testify His name. I hope for the next time i will not miss out any chances. I will be there for the three nights so that i can watch the show for three times. haha. Well done, campuslifers either you are serving as usher or acting as performer, it is good to see your willingness to sacrifice times to ensure the whole musical can go on smoothly. 
Yeah, it's good to see you on the stage...=3
For my friends, i really wish you to come to share the joy and happiness which will flow in our heart during the musical. Since you cannot make it, it's ok. looking forward for the next time!

Lord we love you. We want to learn to love you with all our heart, soul and strength. Use our loves and our words to point others to you, who first loved us. We know Father, That your wisdom is far above our limited understanding. We thank you that we can rely on you to carry out your good plans for us. You are worthy of our faithfulness.

There are no orphans of God. In this Christmas season, would you willingly open your heart to welcome Jesus into your life and to be your savior and Lord?

Not only Finding Ana but Finding Jesus instead. =)

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