Friday, December 19, 2014

UMS Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament 2014

ULTIMATE. This was my first time joining Frisbee Tournament. Last time i went but i am not really know how to play with this small disc. That time i was playing at the side with my small girl, Seeing them playing how i wish i could join them. =) Yeah this time is my turn but we were playing so hard under a hot sun! That was not cool but YOLO.=P

YEah, the butterflyers. 
Im not really know each of them well. Because of frisbee we were gathered  in the field and i love the way we encouraged each other in a team! Thanks you Lu Ee and Tai.
Fly Fly... Butterfly! 

Frisbee Big Family!

Yo! Why i appear in this leaders photo?! 
I'm the representative for my team!just for photo shooting !haah.

Thanks for coming ,my little Gal.

With my pretty teammate.-Joane

with Looooongxuan..

Mingshiuan , black longxuan and me!

Seriously sunburn. but i still love SUN!

If practice makes perfect and there is no such things as perfect. why practice? haha nolah just kidding. We have to practice although we are not perfect at least we have tried right? Moving on. train more learn more and try more=).....repeating the same....

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